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dreamliza asked: Hey! You've got quality work, I enjoyed looking through it. It would mean a lot of you could have a glance at my work. Thanks in advance! - Elizabeth

hello elizabeth! as it happens i’d taken a look at your work before i even received this note. i think you’re a fantastic fine art photographer, and a lot of your pictures and aesthetic speak to my heart. everyone should check out your stuff and follow you.


You guys have no idea how much I’ve missed Tumblr, your photos, your content. I’ve worked a couple of great shoots. And it looks like there will be more. But there’s a meditative solitude that only comes from me, my camera, and the world outside myself. No one else, and nothing else, but the quiet reminder of why I love this, and why this is important to me. It’s life, friends. It saves me. It’s the antidepressant that works.

Thank you for showing up again.

in the time of my posting absence from tumblr i’ve been shooting fashion, worked on a music video (on which i also shot fashion), and nursing a broken foot (which, unbeknownst to me, had been broken since last october, which only became apparent when i finally stopped being able to walk on it about a week ago), which has not nor will not be stopping me from shooting more fashion.